AGHILARTES was born with the aim to bring into focus and to promote contemporary and modern art. To create links, to stimulate contacts and exchanges between associations, art operators and public or privately owned institutions, in Italy and abroad. To plan cultural events, exhibitions, meetings and other initiatives in order to promote contemporary and modern art work.
A continuous and serious commitment that allows our group of work to establish rewarding connections outside our borders and to present to the outside world artists already established and others not yet known. Always aiming to keep within our own set of themes: Original Ideas and High Standards.


“Art does not portray what is there for all to see, but highlights and bring into focus what is hidden and less obvious.” Paul Klee
For Aghilartes art is passion!
The love of art, the will and feelings that are behind our search for the social and cultural reasons that belongs to our times, a search whose aim is to create a still image of what is now but more important what is to become. The work of an artist is never a copy of the subject he represents, even when it may seem so, it is always a personal interpretation and the result of a search, an insight of humanity and its soul. It is revelation to an artist imagination.